European Union, Regulating AI, United States

The sound of a starter’s gun?

  Will this be something? I've written on this blog about the difficulty of not having AI regulation that reaches across borders. Here we have the UK's Financial Conduct Authority proposing to work with other agencies from several states and across five continents on tech regulation including regulation of AI. Seems like it could be an important first… Continue reading The sound of a starter’s gun?

European Union, Regulating AI

AI, EU and sometimes the Why

The European Union has reached agreement on legislation that is designed to allow free movement of data across borders. You can find the proposal which includes an explanatory memorandum and the regulation, including a six-page, 30 paragraph set of recitals, here. (Ed. note, Q: how many bureaucrats does it take to write European Parliament recitals; A: I… Continue reading AI, EU and sometimes the Why