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Indo-German cooperation on AI

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Previously I noted Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI. Well now we have an Indo-German statement of cooperation. This statement aims towards a 2020 workshop in Berlin between agencies of each government and states that they will focus on mutual best practices. Best practices, one assumes, could include regulatory standards when governments are involved.

Further aims include deployment in the agricultural field, with the parties agreeing to “share research on the complexities arising out of adoption of AI in the workplace and its impact on the economy and society”. Again one assumes that these statements indirectly imply considerations of regulation.

More directly, the statement affirms a commitment to “the importance of building an international forum to ensure the responsible and human centric development and use of artificial intelligence in accordance with international law.” It is probably fair to say that there are not a lot of international law norms at this point. Much of what is currently present on an international level probably comes from the EU, as a supra-national body which has engaged on this front. Multiple bi-lateral endeavours, such as this one and the Indo-French cooperative venture will potentially advance international law. Particularly so where third party governments are engaging with members of a body that seeks to promulgate supra-national law.


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