The Law of Artificial Intelligence, edited by Matt Hervey of Gowling WLG

For those of you in the UK, I commend to you this text edited by my colleague Matt Hervey who heads up the AI team for Gowlings in the UK. More, including a link to purchase the text, here: https://gowlingwlg.com/en/news/firm-news/2020/head-of-ai-co-edits-the-law-of-ai/

AI standards, artificial intelligence, legal theory, NIST, Principles of AI regulation

NIST requests comments on “Explainable AI”

Kind of a scary logo, no? The US National Institute of Science and Technology has issued a paper entitled Four Principles of Explainable Artificial Intelligence and has asked for comment. The paper is premised on the idea that explainable AI increases trust in AI. It suggests that the fundamentals that contribute to explainable AI are:… Continue reading NIST requests comments on “Explainable AI”