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In Soviet Russia Big Data bill you.

I'm bringing back the Yakov Smirnoff Russian Reversal. You're welcome. If you are too young to remember that, you probably know more about AI than I do.  A few weeks ago I was speaking about the regulation of data  and how that would be dealt with. I talked about the spectrum between regulation of open… Continue reading In Soviet Russia Big Data bill you.

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The Future Computed; a (partial) book review

I picked up this book by Microsoft at the AI Summit 2018 (conference swag!). If it seems like flying to England is an expensive price for a book, get a copy for free at the links at the bottom of this page. I'm not going to review the whole book but only focus on a couple of parts… Continue reading The Future Computed; a (partial) book review

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The Toronto Declaration, eh.

Here's something that maybe everyone else was aware of except me. It's called The Toronto Declaration and it was issued at a conference in Toronto in May of this year by a group called accessnow to address principles of equality and non-discrimination in machine learining systems. The structure of the declaration is interesting to me. It… Continue reading The Toronto Declaration, eh.