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In Soviet Russia Big Data bill you.

I’m bringing back the Yakov Smirnoff Russian Reversal. You’re welcome. If you are too young to remember that, you probably know more about AI than I do. 

A few weeks ago I was speaking about the regulation of data  and how that would be dealt with. I talked about the spectrum between regulation of open data (as a government transparency concept, which in Canada pretty much means no regulation, hope for the best) and data trading regimes (which will attract all kinds of laws).  Someone asked me about data usage and where they thought regulation would head. My answer was that governments would basically write a lot of white papers and create some committees and generally not do anything until there was a catastrophe and then some giant lawsuits and some insolvencies and then legislate in arrears. 

 Well maybe not in Mother Russia.

This is important to AI of course because data is the lifeblood of AI, or so they say.  It’s hard for me to dig deeper into what is happening in this proposed Russian legislation because Ya gavaru pa russki ochin plocho. That’s transliterated Russian for I speak Russian very badly. Sorry, but I took it in first year university and the student pub was in the same building as the language lab. The pub won. Anyway it’s interesting to see that the article says the legislation is under criticism, I presume for not doing enough, when I don’t know of any other legislation out there that requires the kind of disclosure that seems to be mandated. I’d prefer to see this as a step in the right direction. At least we kind of had some kind of disclosure and notification going on here, even if it was to the government and not the person who owned the data. OK maybe that’s worse. Look, at least some regulator thought that maybe they should regulate something in this new technology. Give them that. I mean, mostly what I’m saying here is that I thought no government would do anything. 

Weird that the government was proposed to be exempt. I wonder what that is about.  Also stuck in the last paragraph after all of the discussion seems to be the implication that this Big Data bill is dead. Well, at least someone tried. 

In Soviet Russia regulation legislate you….


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