“What did he just say?”

We know a storm is coming. The capability of artificial intelligence to radically alter the way we live is self evident. Its effects on how businesses will operate are now reasonably  predictable. The way all of this will interact with regulation is abundantly unclear. The capability of our elected officials and civil servants to respond in time is in doubt. This site is about an exploration of how the law will handle those alterations and effects. Posts will irreverently cover interesting news topics and random thoughts on the subject; there may be Terminator references.

Christopher Alam is a partner practicing as a solicitor at a large law firm in Toronto for more than 20 years. He’s not particularly techy but has some thoughts around governance, laws and regulation. Mostly he hopes that all of this AI stuff doesn’t end up where he’s a Sergeant Tech-Com with the One Thirty Second under Perry, from ’21 to ’27.

The commentary, ideas and opinions in this blog are our own and do not represent those of any employer(s), partners, clients, or anyone who I associate with. Until I get them right and then no doubt they’ll claim they’re theirs. No fate but what we make.

“I know…”