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Indo-German cooperation on AI

Previously I noted Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI. Well now we have an Indo-German statement of cooperation. This statement aims towards a 2020 workshop in Berlin between agencies of each government and states that they will focus on mutual best practices. Best practices, one assumes, could include regulatory standards when governments are involved. Further aims include deployment in… Continue reading Indo-German cooperation on AI

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Canadian AI standards, too!

I have lamented the lack of Canadian AI regulation efforts. And for the past couple of posts I have referenced how the creation of standards in other jurisidictions made be an entrypoint in to regulation. And lo and behold, we have a set of Canadian AI standards with regards to ethical design and use of AI. This is a national standard… Continue reading Canadian AI standards, too!

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EU briefing on AI ethics implementation hints at new laws

The Parliamentary Research Service of the EU has issued a briefing last month. I've written previously on the European Union recommendations for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. This briefing starts to consider how to implement them. A few things are of note here. The first is the recognition that EU ethics guidelines are non-binding and there is no regulatory oversight… Continue reading EU briefing on AI ethics implementation hints at new laws

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NIST makes a list

As part of its response to the White House's February 2019 executive order on artificial intelligence, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued a plan for federal engagement in developing technical standates and related tools . Technical standards are notied as being important to drive innovation, public trust and public confidence and to develop… Continue reading NIST makes a list

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Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI

Interesting to see national bi-lateral cooperation on AI. In the regulatory sphere, India and France commit to sharing expertise and best practices. Coordination in regulatory affairs and shared goals is noted. Indian rules that are consistent with--or at least that share common goals--the GDPR are identified as a goal. The language is interesting when it states that… Continue reading Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI

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Nothing, Eh.

I mentioned recently some US state initiatives on artificial intelligence. A further round up of those is here. Lots of potential regulatory first steps underway. Or at least discussions about it. So if the states are underway, what are Canadian provinces doing? Pick your favourite Canadian province and run a search to see if they are doing… Continue reading Nothing, Eh.

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New York temporary state commission on Artificial Intelligence

(Opposite of artificial information in NY). I wrote in my last post about the commission being set up by New York State to study artificial intelligence regulation. And I suggested that maybe folks spend less time studying and more time moving ahead. And that I would try to find the legislation. Found it! So there's good in… Continue reading New York temporary state commission on Artificial Intelligence