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Well that’s depressing.

I set up a whole blog about regulating artificial intelligence and some guy suggests that's impossible. It's understandable why people feel that way, really. To some extent the task seems fairly impossible in that there are a myriad of areas to consider and the use of technology seems to be far outpacing any kind of government… Continue reading Well that’s depressing.

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Where’s Canada?

I have written about American, EU and British governance endeavours from governmental institutions on this blog. I have noted the Toronto Declaration which although emanating from Canada is not a governmental initiative. But I have not written much (anything?) about Canadian governmental initiatives in AI regulation except for maybe the discussion about the G7 Charlevoix communique (which,… Continue reading Where’s Canada?

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The Toronto Declaration, eh.

Here's something that maybe everyone else was aware of except me. It's called The Toronto Declaration and it was issued at a conference in Toronto in May of this year by a group called accessnow to address principles of equality and non-discrimination in machine learining systems. The structure of the declaration is interesting to me. It… Continue reading The Toronto Declaration, eh.

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I guess they didn’t think of that.

My previous post about the potentiality of a conflict of laws between nation states because of how they might differently regulate or deal with artificial intelligence has an analgous consideration inside of Canada. A quick primer on the federal and provicial legislative spheres in Canada: The Constitution Act, 1867 sets out whether the federal government or the… Continue reading I guess they didn’t think of that.