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EU legislation on AI pending in 2020?

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I should like to get better information on this suggested introduction on laws regarding AI in early 2020. I searched around a bit but can’t really find anything. It suggests an ongoing tension between the EU and the United States’ positions on AI, but I’m not really sure that is the case or if it is just editorial content.

It is interesting to see AI considered in regulation by someone with a competition law background. This is not something we are seeing much of in North America. I recently spoke to a Canadian financial services regulator on the status of AI regulation; I didn’t get the sense that it is significantly on their radar. Which brings us back to a central theme of this blog (at least one I imply often). If trading partners like the EU and the United States are engaged on AI regulation, if Canada sits on the sidelines do we just get dragged along later?

Maybe somebody at least is trying something in Canada: along with the Canadian AI standards I’d discussed previously, there are are some new proposed technical standards on third party access to data and privacy and protection of digital assets from the Canadian CIO strategy council. I’ll take a look at those over the next couple of weeks and see if they have any bearing on AI regulation in Canada.



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