Will no one stand with the killer robots?

Photo of possible Leonardo da Vinci robot by Erik Möller. Leonardo da Vinci. Mensch - Erfinder - Genie exhibit, Berlin 2005. - Own workHere's an article about panicking less over killer robots that agrees with me, right down to the CIWS.  It's nice to find that other people agree with you but it did get me to thinking a little bit… Continue reading Will no one stand with the killer robots?

financial services, Principles of AI regulation, United States

Point, counterpoint.

A thoughtful speech by Governor Brainard of the US Federal Reserve is the counter-argument to the EU AI ethics chief's position; that regulation could hold off for now. After reviewing the increasing uses of AI (particularly machine learning) in financial services, the Governor suggests that regulators are required to consider consequences of the new technology, its risks… Continue reading Point, counterpoint.


USMCA impact on AI regulation.

The USMCA contains a new (when compared to NAFTA) chaper on Digital Trade. This addresses barrier free trade in respect of digital products (basically products that can be transmitted electronically) including by exempting them from duties and requiring no less favourable (they spell it without the "u" in the text but being up here in Canada… Continue reading USMCA impact on AI regulation.