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This article that contains some Microsoft views  provides helpful thoughts on where we are on pertinent regulation of data and AI. Consideration begins with the local regimes, even though a company is global in reach. So local laws will be honoured, but on a policy basis, some countries might be avoided. The article references human… Continue reading Glocal.

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The Future Computed; a (partial) book review

I picked up this book by Microsoft at the AI Summit 2018 (conference swag!). If it seems like flying to England is an expensive price for a book, get a copy for free at the links at the bottom of this page. I'm not going to review the whole book but only focus on a couple of parts… Continue reading The Future Computed; a (partial) book review

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The Toronto Declaration, eh.

Here's something that maybe everyone else was aware of except me. It's called The Toronto Declaration and it was issued at a conference in Toronto in May of this year by a group called accessnow to address principles of equality and non-discrimination in machine learining systems. The structure of the declaration is interesting to me. It… Continue reading The Toronto Declaration, eh.