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Indo-German cooperation on AI

Previously I noted Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI. Well now we have an Indo-German statement of cooperation. This statement aims towards a 2020 workshop in Berlin between agencies of each government and states that they will focus on mutual best practices. Best practices, one assumes, could include regulatory standards when governments are involved. Further aims include deployment in… Continue reading Indo-German cooperation on AI

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Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI

Interesting to see national bi-lateral cooperation on AI. In the regulatory sphere, India and France commit to sharing expertise and best practices. Coordination in regulatory affairs and shared goals is noted. Indian rules that are consistent with--or at least that share common goals--the GDPR are identified as a goal. The language is interesting when it states that… Continue reading Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI

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Reserve Bank of India introduces FinTech regulatory sandbox.

The Reserve Bank of India has issued a structured proposal for a FinTech regulatory sandbox. The proposal is straight forward and follows the establishment of a working group that reported in 2018. The sandbox is to allow exploration of new and innovative technologies (which is noted to include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications) that will solve… Continue reading Reserve Bank of India introduces FinTech regulatory sandbox.