This guy definitely did not have to deal with AI.

It was a long weekend in the Great White North (eh) so I didn't get up to much blogwise. I did read this 2016 Harvard Law Review article.  I don't know why it came to my attention now but it is really good and I haven't seen anything that surpasses it. So if you are still… Continue reading This guy definitely did not have to deal with AI.

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Underneath the one you know

This "shitty distraction" https://www.technologyreview.com/s/611487/this-ai-program-could-beat-you-in-an-argumentbut-it-doesnt-know-what-its-saying/ doesn't make things easier in the considerations about where intent lies. If the AI does not know what it means when it says things, then until it does, how is intent imputed in the law of contract? If this is the space we are operating in, then it strikes me that if AI… Continue reading Underneath the one you know

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Two perspectives on AI regulation

One sentence in this interview with  Paul Triolo of Eurasia Group caught my attention: "The government role at present on AI development in general has been to take a hands-off approach to regulation, and encourage innovation." Interesting. But I'm not sure I believe that. I'm not a big proponent of excess regulation but I'm inclined to… Continue reading Two perspectives on AI regulation

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Autonomy Through Cyberjustice Technologies

This project Autonomy Through Cyberjustice Technologies just launched. It is out of the University of Montreal with a major grant from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The working groups and subprojects are very thorough; the scope is well considered. I had two questions. First, what massively distruptive AI techology are we talking about in the… Continue reading Autonomy Through Cyberjustice Technologies