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Standing still.

Here's a recap of what US legislators accomplished on the tech (including AI) regulation front in 2018. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of words in the article, but the answer is nothing. OK so what legislative excitements will abound in 2019? Spoiler alert: not much. This, according to the article, often because legislators don't… Continue reading Standing still.

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Point, counterpoint.

A thoughtful speech by Governor Brainard of the US Federal Reserve is the counter-argument to the EU AI ethics chief's position; that regulation could hold off for now. After reviewing the increasing uses of AI (particularly machine learning) in financial services, the Governor suggests that regulators are required to consider consequences of the new technology, its risks… Continue reading Point, counterpoint.

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On balance…

This interview considers approaches to AI regulation. There are two philosophical approaches that can be distilled from it: 1.   Notwithstanding that we don't know exactly where we are going, let's get started. I agree with this very much. Regulations can be repealed, altered and tweaked later (assuming a vigiliant and effective governing body--I know it's asking… Continue reading On balance…