Regulating AI

The, uh, stuff that dreams are made of.


This article that touches on blockchain regulation in Malta is a little off topic (although it gets to AI, at the end), but I wanted to share it because it includes some nice commentary from a senior technology advisor to the Maltese government on regulation and technology.

Having been there recently, I know Malta has an unabashed focus on looking to innovation and financial services to boost its economy through areas like online gambling where it can stand out.


(Photo credit: me, during research into the Maltese economy.)

I digress. The point, as noted in the article, is that governments need to think about the importance of having experts in technology and law engaged in devloping regulatory frameworks that are conducive to economic development. There may be a first mover advantage for a smaller economy, particularly if it is able to move nimbly as a result of having decision makers act quickly and decisively. There are a lot of big dollar amounts being thrown around by the US, the UK, the EU and China. But this doesn’t mean that smaller players (Where’s Canada?) can’t stay in the game with a little bit of focus.



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