Regulating AI

Why so shy, you have a beautiful face.


Many articles this weekend are referencing this blog post from Brad Smith at Microsoft that calls for regulation of facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technology seems creepy to everyone and obviously there are potential problems, as the blog post points out. Google photos figured out in a week that the little guy up there is a new family pet, probably from the inordinate amount of photos I took of him on my Pixel 2 and geolocation. I know this because it told me so and told me it was going to start categorizing his photos on that basis. And he’s even two faced!

So Google knows I have a pet now. Creepy huh?

But is it really? I mean my neighbours do too. And my new vet. And some pet insurance company. And two pet stores who have my name and his name. And the municipal government that gave me his licence. And potentially, if they really went on a hunt for info, the federal government that allowed his importation. In other words anyone who sees me and some others know as much or more than Google.

So which would you rather, that AI be regulated if it uses facial recognition technology or if it collects postal codes, including yours? Here are some things postal codes can reveal about you. How do you feel about AI using that presumed data to make decisions about you?

My point being that I understand that we are psychologially uncomfortable with AI being able to identify us by sight, but in reality if we are worried about the privacy or bias consequences of that it seems to me that that is just one item to be considered in AI regulation.


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