Face first

Attribution: Foto: Jonn Leffmann Microsoft has issued a call for regulation of facial recognitiion. It relies on the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, nondiscrimination, notice and consent and lawful surveillance. Details of these principles will follow in a further Microsoft piece. Generally teh current post posits that regulation should start now due to the large risk that… Continue reading Face first


Will no one stand with the killer robots?

Photo of possible Leonardo da Vinci robot by Erik Möller. Leonardo da Vinci. Mensch - Erfinder - Genie exhibit, Berlin 2005. - Own workHere's an article about panicking less over killer robots that agrees with me, right down to the CIWS.  It's nice to find that other people agree with you but it did get me to thinking a little bit… Continue reading Will no one stand with the killer robots?

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Two perspectives on AI regulation

One sentence in this interview with  Paul Triolo of Eurasia Group caught my attention: "The government role at present on AI development in general has been to take a hands-off approach to regulation, and encourage innovation." Interesting. But I'm not sure I believe that. I'm not a big proponent of excess regulation but I'm inclined to… Continue reading Two perspectives on AI regulation

Regulating AI

The One You Know

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=352RBWh6ViU I'm a little alike You before things had changed In a compass, I ride All this feels rearranged I mentioned before that I was at the AI Summit 2018 and while I was there I got into a conversation about bots making decisions and taking actions, including potentially actions that would constitute the formation of legal… Continue reading The One You Know