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Where is the love?

BlackEyedPeas.jpgI like this story about’s views on AI and the optimism expressed. There are many many frets and worries about all the negatives that will come from AI, whether bias, out of control cars, weapons rampant and job disruption, boom boom pow, everything is going to go wrong. Some of these may come true, but I gotta feeling that not all the dire predictions are going to come around.  Don’t stop the party just because some things might not work out right. Yesterday, I was thinking that it has been a while since I had come up with a new principle in my Collected Principles of AI Regulation. It felt like I had to get over my humps of writer’s block in that respect. But I just can’t get enough of the positive views that has on what AI can do and what data can do and that we have not had terrible results from analogous situations before. Anyway it seems to be weekends  are the time when I have the time to think about things a let them percolate and come up with new ideas. And so yesterday, I get it.

My new principle is that instead of just thinking about regulation in this area as guardrails and safeguards and hedges against what could go wrong, let’s sometimes assume everything wonderful and regulate optimistically. Meaning that keep an equivalent focus on creating spheres and environments through regulation whereby industry can allow AI to flourish and which don’t stop the party.

Let me know if you think this is the best one (of my principles) yetDon’t lie.


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