When AI gets it wrong but gets it right

So of course I have some searches running to seek out things to talk about. Reliant on AI and machine learning I am. So lo and behold comes this article into my results. Nothing to do with AI, right? Total search bot failure right? Yeah pretty much.

I have no idea why this kicked into my search results or why I read it.

But on the other hand, how well does Comte’s Law of Three Stages apply to current considerations of regulation of AI? Pretty well I’d say.

If you look at many of the articles I’ve linked to in the past few days, it’s clear that there is some hope for positivism. People are looking for a firm regulatory approach, kind of, maybe.

But at the same time are we not stuck somewhere in the theological/metaphysical stages? Is there a better interpretation of the expressed concerns about how AI will affect our lives in combination with the repeated refrain that it must be used for good not evil (see previous posts)?

Good job AI search bot. You got it right. If only you knew why.


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